Late Breaking News

Do you know what happens when the cat eats all the porridge?

While we’re at it, why shouldn’t you eat the Nisse’s Christmas porridge?

But it isn’t just the porridge!

When Thor went fishing, what did he catch?

How do you win the heart of a princess when all you have is a kitten and some big dreams?

All this and more (including C.S. Fritz’s awesome graphic-style illustrations) in my new book:

Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce

I have created this book especially for those “big kids” (ages 10 and up) w Iho prefer trolls to princessess, who enjoy the weird, more than the sweet, and who want something different than happily ever after in the stories they read.

If you know a kid like that (or you like stories like this yourself), Fifteen Pounds of Muscle and Bounce from my publisher!

Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group

(Plus all the usual book-selling websites)

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